Sourdough Wooden Bread Lame

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Introducing our Lame, pronounced 'Lahm' - a must-have tool for scoring your sourdough bread before baking. This French word meaning 'blade' perfectly describes its purpose. Scoring dough with precision allows it to expand evenly during baking, preventing random splitting and ensuring a beautiful loaf every time. Get creative with various scoring patterns to add flair to your sourdough creations!

Scoring sourdough with a knife can be challenging, but our Lame makes it effortless with its sharp razor blade. The set includes five blades which are interchangeable, each designed for smooth and precise scoring. For safety and convenience, it comes with a leather cover to protect the blades when not in use. The comfortable wooden handle ensures a secure grip, guaranteeing excellent results for your sourdough loaves.

Dishwasher safe : No

Cleaning and care : Wipe the wooden lame clean with a damp cloth (be  careful of the blade)

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