FOR SALE : commercial Cheesemaking Vat – 100 litres

We are selling our commercial Cheesemaking Vat.  We purchased the NEW vat, however due to changing circumstances beyond our control, we never implemented the vat into a cheesery.  So the vat has not been used.  

CONDITION : New never used


  • Energy saving double jacket, made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • Manufactured in Australia by Cheese Kettle
  • Thermal energy for heating and colling is exchanged directory through the coat (sides) and the bottom of the kettle with ½” connection, manual chilling is done by repumping fresh filtered water through the jacket of the kettle
  • Cheese kettle is non pressurised unit
  • One part cover
  • Outflow food grade butterfly value DN50
  • Electric heating element 3KW – single phase (240V, 60Hz)
  • -Digital temperature controller. Temperature range 20C to max 90 deg C
  • -Fresh water supplied to the cheese kettle (vat) must be filtered and of food grade
  • -Head space heating (for pasteurisation requirements)
  • Instruction manuals included
  • Portable product and head space temperature records (USB compatible as per government regulation)  including software and USB cord
  • Set speed agitator
  • Curd cutters – one horizontal and one vertical unit 

FOR MORE INFORMATION call Susan on 0466 373 216  or email 


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