Organic Sourdough Pastamaking


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  • Date: 3 August  2024 2:00pm to 4:30pm

Location :  Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre, 22 Charles St, Pialba QLD 4655

Wanting to spend a few hours in a relaxing space creating something special; homemade sourdough pasta?

In this sourdough pastamaking workshop in the amazing Hervey Bay, you will have the opportunity to learn the beautiful skill of hand-rolled pasta with all the health benefits of fermentation using sourdough. This workshop is perfect for beginners, and it offers an incredibly comprehensive experience with sourdough pasta recipes, shaping options, and even bonus sauces.  We use organic flour.

Starting with a brief history and theory of perfect pasta making and maintaining your sourdough starter, we will guide you through the process of mixing, kneading, and rolling-out your own pasta dough. You will also learn how to make your amazing sauces.   With this hands-on class, you will gain confidence in your ability to whip up pasta and quick beautiful sauces in your own kitchen. And the best part? You get to finish the class with a sit-down meal, enjoying your own delicious pasta creation.   Additionally if you dont want to maintain a sourdough starter, we offer non-sourdough pasta recipe for your future use.

Bring a container to take home some pasta! This workshop offers a creative and soul-nourishing experience, providing a healthier alternative for pasta enthusiasts. Learn the art of making sourdough pasta from scratch and indulge in mouth-watering sauces. Join us for a transformative culinary adventure and leave with the knowledge and skills to craft your own handmade pasta and sauces. Get ready for a truly satisfying and delicious experience!

Workshop includes wheat and eggs


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