Sourdough Booklet

The booklet from the sourdough workshop is available by clicking the link below

Spelt Sourdough

This recipe is another of my favourites.  I have mixed up the flours - both white flour and spelt flour,  wholemeal mix.  I have gone 20% stoneground flour/80% white bakers flour with this recipe. The recipe was made available by Firehouse Bakery in Ireland.   Some sourdough recipes include honey (apparently honey promotes more moisture, sweeter bread, and browner crust).  Its fun to experiment.     
100% Wholemeal Spelt Sourdough 
400g Spelt Flour
10g Salt 
320g Water 
20g Honey 
150 active starter/Levain (50g starter, 50g water, 50g flour) 
1.   Combine Levain, flour, honey and water.  Rest for 30/60 mins to allow autolyse occur 
2.   mix in salt.  Rest for 30 mins
3.   3 x 30 mins stretch and fold
4.   60 mins to prove (maybe less in Qld heat) 
5.   take dough from bowl and preshape 
6.   Rest for 10 mins 
7.   Shape - i use proving basket 
8.   Either   - Bake the bread after 2 hours of proving  or prove in the fridge for up to 18 hours - ready to bake in 6 hours.
9.   Preheat oven - 230oC 
10. I have baked direct from fridge and from room temperature. very similar results 
11.  Bake for 35 mins with lid on and additional 5 mins with lid off


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