Looking for a unique and creative gift that will leave a lasting impression? Look no further than our  workshop gift certificate.  This gift certificate can be used on any one of our publicly scheduled; sourdough, sourdough pasta-making or dumpling making workshops.   Our regular monthly scheduled workshops will teach the basics of these unique cooking experiences, allowing your love one to create stunning and amazing food at home.

Purchase our gift voucher today and treat someone special to an unforgettable experience. This voucher is valid for six months from the date of purchase, giving the recipient plenty of time to redeem it for any available class. Our friendly team will promptly send the voucher via email within 48 hours after your purchase is made.  

Our classes cover a range of sourdough bread-making techniques,  to Asian dumpling making  and sourdough pasta making.  The recipient of this voucher will have the opportunity to choose from any of our advertised classes.  We understand that schedules can be hectic, so we also offer the flexibility to arrange alternative class times for groups of four or more. This ensures that everyone can find a convenient time to come and learn the secrets of artisan sourdough-making, dumping making or sourdough pasta making.   We believe that the gift of learning and skill-building is priceless, and this voucher is the perfect way to give someone the gift of knowledge and culinary delight.So, why wait?  Providing that special someone the opportunity to unlock their inner food guru.

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