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Give a great experience - buy a voucher for a sourdough or cheese-making workshop.

This special voucher is redeemable against a cheese-making or sourdough course in Hervey Bay.  The voucher will be sent to you, for you to give to the lucky recipient.  Then all they need to do is book for a workshop on a date that suits them – dates are released online.  (A course with eight/ten-places is run each 2 months.)

Each workshop runs from approximately 3 hours.

Two workshop options; cheese-making or sourdough 

Cheesemaking workshop : The workshop is detailed and covers all the basics of cheese-making, combining a hands-on approach with some theory.

The subjects covered include: milk composition; use of rennet; selecting and using ripening cultures and starter bacteria; setting the curd; cutting, draining and stirring the curd; moulding, milling and pressing the curd; and cheese ageing.

Sourdough workshop : The workshop is detailed and covers all the basics of sourdough baking, combining a hands-on approach with some theory.  Take home sourdough starter and your sourdough.

The subjects covered include: creating a sourdough starter, maintaining a sourdough starter, using starter, follow a couple of sourdough recipes to understand the process of baking sourdough bread.  

Both workshops also includes recipe booklets, morning/afternoon tea, plus additional material to give you pointers about sourcing equipment for both home and and further learning.

Each workshop is for up to eight/ten participants, with lots of hands-on opportunities within the workshop is held in Hervey Bay.

The voucher is valid for 6 months.  This voucher version will be sent out to be given to the lucky recipient and redeemed against a future cheese-making or sourdough workshop.

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