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One of the most challenging and difficult components of baking your own sourdough bread at home is creating and cultivating your own sourdough starter.   All of our sourdough workshops, attendees take away some of our sourdough starter so they can bake their own sourdough at home.    However, you can also purchase our sourdough starter.


  • Two types of starters; dried starter and fresh active starter.
  • Printed instructions for maintaining your starter
  • A basic sourdough recipe
  • Express post delivery.

All starters use organic flour either spelt, white flour or rye. 

Both the fresh and dried starter can be reactivated with fresh flour and water, then you just wait for it to bubble and expand.  Once of the starter is active, you can use it make your own authentic sourdough bread.  

Always bake with the intent to have a little  extra starter leftover, so that you have an endless supply of sourdough starter.   Keep some of your stater in the fridge for your next sourdough bake.  Refrigerated sourdough starter can rest for weeks.  Just reactivate with simply flour and water again for your next bake!

Sourdough starter is a living culture, it changes and develops all the time.  DELIVERY BY EXPRESS POST

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