Mediterranean CheeseMaking Workshop : Hervey Bay, 16th March 2019



Learn to make Ricotta & Halloumi  – quickly and easily! The class is perfect for the complete beginner, you can either just observe or get hands on.    This is a cheese making workshop where you will learn about milk selection for cheese making, inoculating and renneting the milk, and finally how to turn the curd into the final cheese.

There will also be a demonstration on How to make Brie cheese.   

There will be numerous opportunities for everyone to get hands-on,  throughout the class, so that you feeling confident in your own ability to make these delicious cheeses at home.

The course is conducted in Hervey Bay.  The techniques learnt can easily be applied outside of the course so that you can make your own cheeses at home. 

This workshop is designed to be informative, and just as importantly, fun and relaxing. You will enjoy a cheese afternoon snack and have heaps of interactive fun.  Lastly, you will leave with the motivation, confidence and knowledge to get started on your own cheese-making journey.

Class sizes limited to 5

Class Includes: 

  • A comprehensive hands-on workshop of how to make: Ricotta, Brie & Halloumi 
  • Take home: Recipe Booklet, cheese basket and your cheeses (Halloumi & Ricotta) 
  • Everything you need for the workshop is provided, including afternoon tea

You will need to bring an apron and head scarf/chef hat.

Date : 16th March

Time : 1.00pm to 4.00pm   

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