​Soft white Cheese

Texture : creamy & smooth with a natural outer edible white mould rind.
Flavours : varies from very buttery to a pronounced mushroomy taste.
Perfect for : cheese platter with fruit, pate or veggie pate.  Wraps and sandwiches 
Good complements : Fruit and dry fruit, honey, almonds.   Chardonnay, sparkling wine, shiraz and rose wine. Ok................ any good wine 

Chilli Cheddar

Chilli Cheddar


Texture : firm with aged cheddars showing more crumbly characteristics.
Flavours : varies from mild and delicate (young) to sharp and full body (aged).  
Perfect for : cheese platter, sauces, grills, wraps & sandwiches.
Good complements :Chardonnay, semillon, cabernet sauvignon or merlot, beer and cider. Ok, lets be honest I love a good cheddar with any good wine, cider or beer. 

The Blues

Texture : soft, creamy and crumbly with blue veins throughout cheese characteristics.
Flavours : varies from mild to strong.  Blue vein cheese is rich and buttery yet tangy with pungent aroma, a smooth soft texture and sometimes salty finish.   
Perfect for : cheese platter with nuts and fruit , sauces, salads, pasta & sandwiches.
Good complements : full bodied dessert and fortified wines & riesling. Ok, any good wine, cider or beer

Fresh lactic cheese

Texture :  white, soft and creamy texture due to its high moisture content.
Flavours : light and full of moisture and create a delicate mouth feel with gentle acidity & light tang. The cheese is good, creamy base for the fresh herbs, honey or/and ash to boost its flavour and usability.
Perfect for : Cheese platter with fruit, Caramelized figs, nuts, sauces, salads, pastas, with fresh sourdough.  
Good complements : Rose wine, chardonnay, sparkling wine, shiraz and fruity white wine. Again, just any good wine or cider. 

Washed-rind cheese

Texture : Soft washed rind cheese should be creamy, oozy, plump and moist.
Flavours : Don't fear stinky aromas, it leads to big, meaty flavors;  expect yeasty/meaty/salty/animal yet off-this-planet delicious flavours.  
Perfect for : Cheese platter or fresh bread 
Good complements : Floral, honeyed, or fruity beverages like Riesling or ale or cider. Ok, any good wine, beer or cider.

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